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Recipe by David Chang

I love banh mi, but I don’t necessarily think the crusty baguette is the best part of the sandwich. Putting it on soft, fluffy milk bread was a revelation. If someone else has done this before, I apologize, but I’ve never seen this before in my life. Now, if someone wants to make these, and sell them for, like, $4.75 each, I’ll be your customer every day.

If you want to make them at home: 

  • Make a spread of Kewpie mayo (the Japanese kind with MSG, not the Western one with nutritional yeast) and Maggi. If you like, you can blend some chicken-liver paté in there, too.
  • Spread that onto slices of milk bread.
  • Layer on thin slices of fresh cucumber with slices of daikon and carrot that you’ve quickly pickled with rice vinegar, salt, and sugar.
  • Top with a slice of pastrami. (If we weren’t doing a beef menu, I would have opted for mortadella). 
  • Close the sandwich, trim off the crusts, and enjoy.

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